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If you are looking for expert dental services for the entire family, Alpharetta Comprehensive Dentistry and general dentist Dr. Lorenzo Minniti offer full service care for patients of all ages with convenient access to a pediatric specialist.

Preventative Dental Care

One of the most important measures you can take when it comes to your family's dental health is to visit the dentist regularly. We recommend that children and adults are seen at least twice a year for checkups and dental cleanings, along with any necessary digital dental xrays as prescribed.

  • At these visits, Dr. Minniti and our Dental Hygienists will evaluate the health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints to look for early signs of tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease or broken fillings or other restorations.
  • We will help you with home care tips and provide you with the latest information as it relates to your family's oral health.
  • Dr. Minniti will also perform an oral cancer screening for adults; early detection can be life-saving!

Children's Dentistry at our Alpharetta location

Dr. Petula Hom, Pediatric Dental Specialist, is our neighbor (and Dr. Minniti's spouse). Together, she and Dr. Minniti are focused on addressing the dental needs of patients of all ages.

Complimentary Consultations
Advances in dental science are providing more options and better solutions. Dr. Minniti and Dr. Hom will be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss new options, whether it's veneers or implants, clear orthodontic braces or other needs. We want to help you make the best decisions for you and your family's dental health.

Contact Us to schedule your family's next preventative visits or a complimentary consultation – because happy smiles begin with great oral health!

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