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Clear Orthodontics to fit Your Lifestyle

If you are ready to have straighter teeth, but don't want the hassle of orthodontic wires and brackets, clear, or "invisible" braces may be just right for you.

Dr. Minniti has years of experience and training in clear aligner orthodontic technology and limited traditional orthodontics.

How Clear Braces work

Following your consultation and complete examination, Dr. Minniti will send instructions to the orthodontic laboratory to create a series of clear plastic aligners designed to accomplish calculated tooth movement over time. You visit our office every few weeks for a follow up and a new aligner to continue the process towards straighter teeth.

The clear orthodontic aligners are removable for cleaning and are barely noticeable when you speak. You can continue to enjoy the foods you love while you straighten your smile!

Clear braces are a popular favorite for busy adults with misaligned teeth, or for patients that had orthodontics as a teen who have developed some teeth crowding with age.

Alpharetta Comprehensive Dentistry
Complimentary Consultations for Clear Orthodontics

We offer a complimentary consultation for patients that are considering clear braces.
Contact us to schedule an appointment and get started on your straighter, healthier smile today!

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