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Smile Reconstruction

When dental problems occur, we are faced with any number of questions and fears about pain and costs of treatment. At Alpharetta Comprehensive Dentistry, Dr. Minniti and Team understand that balancing health care priorities is important to everyone.

Begin with the Facts

The best course of action to manage your oral health is to begin with a complete dental examination. Accompanied by necessary digital dental xrays and intraoral photographs, Dr. Minniti can provide you with a full diagnosis and recommended treatment plan to keep your smile healthy and pain-free.

Restorative Dentistry

The goal of restorative, or reconstructive dentistry is to eliminate infection and disease and rebuild damaged tooth structure to make it fully functional and easy to clean.

  • In the case of major dental reconstruction, Dr. Minniti not only considers individual tooth damage, he studies your oral health as a system. Much like a car engine, all of the parts must be in proper condition and balanced appropriately to work well together.

Dr. Minniti has had years of experience and training in restorative dentistry techniques, including:

Complimentary Consultation

Don't feel overwhelmed by dental problems! Dentistry offers numerous options to rebuild your smile. Dr. Minniti offers complimentary consultations for patients that are facing major reconstructive dental work and is also available for second opinions.

Our Alpharetta practice is convenient to Milton, Roswell, Cumming and Northeast Atlanta communities.

We invite you to Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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