Periodontal Therapy (Gum Therapy or Deep Cleaning)

Gum recession, bad breath, bad taste, sore gums, red and puffy gums, bleeding gums even with regular brushing and flossing could be all symptoms of Periodontitis, also called Periodontal (Gum) Disease. A complete dental exam, gum measurements and a full set of X-Rays will confirm if you need to schedule with your doctor/hygienist for a periodontal therapy, or simply called Deep Cleaning.

A regular cleaning focuses on removing the plaque and stains that have deposited on your teeth, while a periodontal therapy will act on those colonies of bacteria that are building up and growing between your teeth and under your gums, preventing them from spreading in your bloodstream and in your body.

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During your appointment, Dr. Minniti and his hygiene team will measure the area around your teeth to find possible pocketing, those deep spaces in the gum tissue between gums and teeth where bacteria will form. A routine 3-6 months periodontal maintenance schedule with your dentist will reduce the pocketing size and decrease the gravity of your disease and help prevent further bone loss and teeth that become loose.

Approximately, 75% of Americans are affected by periodontal disease. Heart disease, diabetes, smoking, poor oral hygiene, overdue professional dental cleanings and genetics all affect the health of your mouth while increasing the risks of periodontal disease.

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